Life Happens

Well, it’s been nine months since I’ve posted.  Shame on me!!  We still haven’t given up on our dream of living in an RV full time, but life has really gotten in the way.  My husband’s work contract ended, and for quite a while there the job market was completely bare.  Despite his best efforts (and believe me, he tried everything!), it took almost four Continue reading

We haven’t given up….

Really, we haven’t given up or forgotten about our goal of becoming full time RVers.  But I started working a new job  not too long ago, and have been working 12 hour night shifts…and boy is it kicking my butt!  I feel like all I do is work and sleep.  The housework has been suffering, and so has my poor hubby’s diet.  (Cereal for dinner, anyone?)

We’re still making plans and doing research, my husband much more than I, but I simply haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a post in quite some time.  But don’t count us out yet!  I’m starting to get into a routine and get used to the hours, so I’ll be back online and posting about our adventures soon.  Oh yeah, and doing laundry and vacuuming and cooking too.  Maybe.

April Fools! (Part 1)


First of all, I haven’t posted in quite a while.  My kids have been on spring break and we have been busy and having a blast.  Now they’re back to school and it’s back  to the grind for me too.  Boo.

Secondly, I know this does not actually apply to the whole “easy recipe” heading, but it’s just too much fun not to share with you.

This is part one of the April Fools’ Day food I made for the kiddos.  Don’t let the innocent looking picture fool you!  I got a big kick out of making it all, and they got a big kick out of eating it (after the initial indignation over the unfairness of it all passed).  Part two will be posted later on. Continue reading

Samoa Coconut Cream Pie



I am a bit of a nerd, I’ll admit it.  So I couldn’t let a day that comes only once in a hundred years (3.14.15) pass without celebrating with an epic pie.  And boy was this epic.

This recipe doesn’t really fit with the whole “easy, no mess recipe” thing, so I didn’t take pictures of every step like I would normally do.  In fact, I didn’t even intend to post this recipe at all.  But the whole thing turned into a fiasco, and so I thought I’d share it with you all.  Plus, this is probably one of the best things I every put in my mouth, so it was totally worth all the effort and mess. Continue reading

Crustless Spinach, Mushroom, and Feta Quiche

00-Cover Picture

I love quiche, in all it’s varieties.  What I do not love is making pie crust.  It is a royal pain in my you-know-what.  As much pride as I take in making things from scratch, I rarely make my own pie crust.  So when I found this crustless quiche recipe, I was excited…and a little skeptical.  The spinach goes on the bottom??  Won’t it fall apart?  Will my husband even eat this?  Sure does, surprisingly no, and a resounding yes!  He ate HALF of the quiche in one sitting.  In fact, when I decided to start repeating some of the new recipes that I had tried and tweaked so that I could post them, he requested that this be the first.  So here it is.  The recipe is also in a list format at the bottom.

The ingredients
The ingredients

Continue reading

Follow-up on the RV Dealership

Well I got a response from the dealership’s management.  The same day, in fact, that I sent them a link to my blog post.  They apologized, said they spoke to the salesman in question, and promised that if we should return to their dealership we will only work with the first salesman (whom we did like) or with a member of management.  Basically the usual spiel you get when you file a complaint and the company still wants to keep your business.  Satisfactory?  Eh.  What I expected?  Pretty much.  I still don’t know if we’ll go back there.  But on the other hand, they do seem to have the best selection/pricing/customization options in the area.  And I am pleased to have gotten such a quick response, even if it was kind of a cookie cutter response.  Still, it’s better than being ignored.

So all that is my rambling way of saying, I appreciate getting a response at all, but I’m still not sure whether or not we’ll be back to that dealership.  Oh well, we’ll figure it out.

Well, we know where we WON’T be purchasing our RV…

My husband and I have been psyched all week to stop by a certain RV dealership today and check out their fifth wheels because today is the last day of their big sales event.  We have been to this RV dealership in the past and had excellent service.  The salesman answered all our questions, showed us around, gave us pricing and recommended options, all while knowing that we weren’t in the market to purchase for at least another six months.  In short, he was wonderful.

At that time, we were looking at the class C’s.  Since then, we stopped by another dealership to look around, and realized that what best meets our needs is a fifth wheel.  Being that we were so impressed with the first dealership, we decided that we would go back and look at the fifth wheels there.  In fact, we were planning on making our final purchase there, whenever that may be. Continue reading